Think Creative; Then Act Creatively

 Weekly Quote from CopyBlogger – See the Infographic Below!

I ran into this infographic over at Copyblogger. I liked it and thought you might, too.

So I am making it my weekly quote.

  • If you change your walking path, you are being creative.

  • If you try a new recipe, you are being creative.

  • Doing your exercise routine in a different order. That’s creativity.

  • Start a mindfulness practice. It’s innovative.

  • Make your own rules; then don’t be afraid to change the rules.

  • Go against the tide.

  • Go the opposite way from the lemmings.

  • Become an iconoclast.

  • Start something new. Today. Now.

  • When it all turns to crap, wipe it off, and keep moving forward.
    That is dynamic, creative and resilient.

How to Break Out of a Creative Rut
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